Trump War On Fake Media: The ‘Default’ Position Is ‘You Are Lying’

Steve Watson | MSNBC compares Trump to Kim Jong-un, Mussolini.

Trump Press Secretary: Alternative Media,Bloggers To Become Part Of Press Corps

Steve Watson | Corporate Media Freaks Out At possibility of Breitbart, Infowars Being Allowed To Ask Questions.

Judge: US Intelligence Likely Leaked DNC Emails, Not Russians

Steve Watson | Disgruntled intel workers were angry that Hillary exposed classified information

Obama, Who Ignored ISIS Intel For Years, Hits Trump For ‘Flying Blind’ On Intel

Steve Watson | Obama says he ‘developed a culture’ where intelligence is not ‘subject to political spin’, despite operatives confirming intel was constantly ignored or spun.

Trump Blasts ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Russia/CIA Card

Steve Watson | FBI does not concur with “fuzzy and ambiguous” CIA assertions.

Michael Moore Predicts Trump Will Quit Before Inauguration Because He Is “Bummed Out” By Amount Of Work

Steve Watson | “Something else might happen, something crazy”

Fake News: CNN Runs Segment Suggesting Trump Will Put Muslims In Internment Camps

Steve Watson | President Trump “could make a dark moment in history a reality again”

Trump: I wouldn’t Have To Tweet So Much If Media Wasn’t Biased

Steve Watson | President-elect hits back at detractors who complain he uses Twitter too much.

Petition To Overturn Democratic Election Now Most Popular EVER

Steve Watson | Almost 5 million people want a democratically elected president to be prevented from taking office and replaced with a candidate who lost.

FAKE NEWS: Newsweek Admits They Didn’t Proof Read ‘Madam President’ Issue; They Didn’t Even Write It

Steve Watson | No one on our staff wrote it… We subcontract out to a company.”